Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hackers helping hackers

Here's an interesting article from Jameco.  This is more or less what I want to be doing.


We are not box shifters, we are hackers helping hackers.  If we're not having a dialog with our customers, I think we've failed.

I think it's that approachability that will make one hacker tell his friend about us, and will make a hacker buy from us a second time.  Repeat business is good business.

I have a friend who has an online store here in Australia (http://www.ultrakeet.com.au).  He keeps it nice and quirky, a fun place to shop.  He says he often sends an order to place X, then next week, he'll get four new orders in a cluster within 10km of X.  That's because hackers are social creatures, inhabiting their own social networks, and if you give a hacker good service, he'll talk.  Far more potent advertising than we could ever do.